How to Get Casino Credit Without the Hassle

How to Get Casino Credit Without the Hassle
Casino credit is mostly for high rollers, those who bet large, win big, and 12 Joker Casino, unlike the
aforementioned whale, pay large to the host casino, whether or not they get an actual markdown
on their winnings. However, it s also for people who overspend on their credit cards, or who
surpass their credit card limits imposed by their respective banks, or who d rather play with a bit
more cash than carry defaulted cash. In other words, casino credit is for gamblers. The question
is: how much is too much?

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Dave Gomes, co-author of The Great Bazaar, tells of the times when he nearly lost everything. A
bright young businessman from Brooklyn, Gomes had just begun working in the late seventies
as a dealer in the now bankrupt New Jersey Bingo Company. A terrible year, which included a
serious amount of bad debt, nearly bankruptcies, and a hard drive bursting into shreds at a rate
of about thirty words per minute, nearly spelled his business’s doom. “I had gone so far as to
arrange for a transfer of all the company’s money into a high-risk accounts in New York City, and
it was only then that I learned that I wasn’t really an American citizen,” he writes in his book. “If
the FBI or equivalent had found evidence of my falsification, I would’ve been arrested and
So where did Dave Gomes go from there? In light of his brush with the law, one could say he
went into the Valley of Menace, a place famous for crooked dealing in Las Vegas, to seek out a
way out of the hole he’d gotten himself into. His years working with the Bingo Company had
taught him some very useful lessons, and in return he spent the next fifteen years mastering the

use of casino credit in what would become a lucrative home career. Gomes would also make
connections with some very important people in the industry who would help him get his ideas
What he learned was that many people didn’t realize that the big money came from playing
blackjack at the many state-of-the-art gambling facilities dotting the desert strip. To get their
casino credit approved, many of these companies required applicants to put down a sizeable
down payment. It was also common for them to require up to a million dollars of “buy in” funds,
which is basically a percentage of the total pot you could win when you played their cards.

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These are all well and good, but if you can’t qualify because you can’t afford the deposits, they
lose all their money and you walk away with your deposit. Dave Gomes realized that this type of
scenario was very unlikely, but he didn’t have any way out of the hole he’d gotten himself into, so
he began work on a new career in the casino credit business.
Instead of playing roulette at a high-stakes live casino, where luck had a better chance of making
a hit, Dave Gomes turned his attention towards a much more realistic and feasible method of
winning at slots. By putting together a solid, if not spectacular, portfolio of winning numbers, he
was able to convince casinos to give him casino credit for his use of their slot machines. The key
was learning how to properly manipulate the technology that is at the heart of the slots machine
– the random number generators. In order to learn how to use casino credit, Dave Gomes
developed a system that enabled him to turn winning bets into a steady source of cash.
The system he devised was so simple that many other gamblers could have copied it and made
a fortune from it. Today, however, most of the world’s most well-known casinos all use casino
credit lines to make the majority of their operating cash. If you want to get your hands on casino
credit, you need to have a responsible casino. Do your homework. Know which casinos offer the
best return for your money. Avoid Las Vegas casinos with the highest interest rates and lowest
payouts; seek out those casinos with the longest casino credit lines available.

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